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Healing through journeys in 9D

A multidimensional experience

Imagine embarking on a healing journey that will help you let go of limitations, find your true self and realize your potential without….

…having to go through unpleasant and tiring analysis for years.

My MISSION is to help you free your mind, so you can wake up to who you really are

This is for you if:

  1. You are currently challenged or stuck in any area of your life, whether that’s your health, your family, your relationships, career or financial issues, or a big change that you are struggling with
  2. You are interested in exploring who you really are, what you want and how to make it happen
  3. You want to take your life to another level and make the most of yourself


Positive Vibes

I firmly believe

that we can all let go of our limitations and do better in life, regardless of how many years we have been struggling, how many failures we have had and what we have come up against! I saw it in myself, and I see it happening with others, every day!


is to live in a world where people remember, express and celebrate who they really are…in connection with conscious intelligent love!




Journeys offer an opportunity to rediscover oneself and reconnect with personal passions, dreams and aspirations.


If I had to describe Eleni with 3 verbs those would be caring, sensing and responding. She is an inexhaustible source of support and impetus for me. She really saw and believed in my potential, and that made all the difference in my ability to believe in myself!

Ellie M.

Marketing Communications and Graphic Designer

I honestly don’t know what I would have achieved without Eleni in my life…Her encouragement and constant motivation pushes me to heights I never thought possible. Eleni, thank you for bringing out the best in me. You have influenced my life for the better.

Sotiris Ch.


What I found most helpful in coaching with Eleni is her ability to see who I really am! Like many women today, everything I do at work and at home is important, but very often it goes unnoticed. Working with Eleni has helped me to give value to myself, to everything I do, and to act in a larger, authentic and more visible way.

Magda V.

Information Technology Specialist

I have known Eleni for many years and I have always admired the way she handled situations in life. At a time when everything inside me became tangled up, without a second thought, I turned to Eleni for help. She helped me not only to cut the skein, but also to unwind it, so that the thread of my life could unravel without any other knots. Thank you so much Eleni.

Christina I.


I met Eleni a year ago… When I first met her, I saw a person with incredible energy…I trusted her from the first moment… Eleni has the magic to get to your problem at its root and you leave without question marks… The main thing for me is that she is so humane and, above all, she does what she does it with great love, and it shows… She has become very important in my life…Thank you for everything Eleni !!!

Georgina V.

Hair Stylist

Eleni has really helped me change my life for the better. Eleni is a wonderful person who inspires confidence in you, because she knows her subject extremely well, she is discreet, trustworthy, she cares, and she does her job with passion and dedication. The coaching process with Eleni helped me with three things: 1) to improve my relationships - because I learned how not to take things personally, 2) to have much less stress and insecurity - because I saw that I do not need to take my thoughts so seriously and 3) to manage my mother's death with acceptance, forgiveness and love. Eleni is the first person I communicate with when I have an issue and she always calms me down, opens my mind and helps me find the best solutions for all my issues.

Vicky P.

Music/Art Director

Eleni is one of the most resilient and strong people I have ever met. Full of positive energy, she listened to me carefully, understood me, supported me and helped me both personally and in my professional life! I firmly believe that Eleni was born to become a Coach.

Maria K.


My name is Sofia and I am 43 years old. I have suffered from panic attacks and phobias since I was 20 years old. For over 10 years I did psychotherapy, trying to find solutions for everything that was bothering me, but without any real treatment. For a while I would feel better, but then as soon as I faced a difficulty, I would go back to the same suffering. In my search for an alternative to psychotherapy, I found Eleni. From the first moment I understood that the way she deals with panic attacks is different. After one visit I felt much better, after 3 months I managed to get a job, and now 8 months later I am actively pursuing my dream in the professional field. Working with Eleni, I learned who I truly am and the hidden potential I didn't know I had.

Sofia C.

Make up artist

Eleni, with her innate love for her fellow human beings, her spirituality and her passion for understanding human nature makes all the difference. I have enjoyed her ability to listen to me deeply, to understand me and to help me become stronger, so that I can go one step further in my life. Due to my life experiences and my innate curiosity, for the last 25 years I have tried to find myself in various forms of psychotherapy and coaching. Understanding the 3 Principles with Eleni was truly a revelation for me. Finally, I have been introduced to a method that combines everything, it is philosophical, spiritual, but at the same time practical so that it can be reproduced by me. After each session I stay with the feeling of inspiration, enlightenment, autonomy and empowerment. I can say with certainty that Eleni is the best Coach I have ever met and coaching with her helped me more than anything else I have tried so far!

Marilena K.

Coffee & Tea Consultant

All my meetings with Eleni are magical! She turns my problems into opportunities! There are endless words with which I can describe Eleni, I will say it all in one word, simply “charismatic”! Thank you once again for helping me overcome phobias and panic attacks that I have been struggling with for years.

Joanna K.

Hair Stylist

I have been looking for the right coach for years, but no one had been able to inspire me and give me the necessary impetus and optimism to change my life, until I met Eleni. Eleni, with her calmness, love and genuine interest in her fellow human beings, managed to introduce me to this exciting journey towards my inner self, the higher intelligence we all have within us, the ability to calm down and not allow external factors to distract me from the essence of my existence. Every session is a wonderful journey that you do not want to end. I believe that some people have the gift of transmitting the light of their knowledge and experience, because they put their soul into what they do. Eleni is such a person, and I believe that no “thank you’s” are enough, considering the opportunity she gave me to rediscover my lost self, my roots, my deep and unshakable balance, which was disturbed over the years , mainly because of the extraordinary difficulties of my life so far. I look forward, with joy and anticipation, to the next journeys and experiences that I will gain through this process of self-knowledge.

Despina T.

Chief Accountant

An exceptional and truly beautiful person who approaches you with love, respect and genuine interest. She has a lot of positive energy that she transmits to others. She guides you to make your life easy and very upgraded. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart, Eleni.

Maria P.

Shop Owner


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